Modern Print Design Innovation

The world of print design has changed dramatically in the past twenty years, going from simple manual graphic design to nearly every facet of the projects now being done using advanced design software. A person that is interested in getting into the print medium will need to learn these new programs and how they can be used to create exciting layouts. Different from the standard umbrella term of graphic design, print design refers to the creation of materials that will end up being printed in a hard copy format rather than existing as a three dimensional object or virtual webpage.

The emergence of computing technology and print design software programs have changed the design business in many ways, not the least of which is the time it takes to complete a project. The major advantage of using computer programs is that a print design expert can experiment with many different ideas without needing to create a physical representation of the idea. In the past, a designer needed to do a custom printing to look at slight variations with an original idea. Now, seeing the finished product is only a few clicks away, meaning that the speed of the creation process has increased dramatically.

Traditional workers with the print medium still use sketches as the primary base and then manipulate the images with the new software. However, the ease of using a program for print design means that there are many new experts in the design business as they can learn the fundamentals in such a short time. After learning how to use the design software, a person can take orders and complete a custom printing job without help from a print design specialist. These technology advancements have brought the cost of print design down and have created a large range of services for a person who requires a custom printing task.

November 2018